ABC Scaffolding Services Health & Safety Policy

ABC Scaffolding adhere to all the current codes of practice

SG4:5 – Preventing Falls in Scaffolding and Falsework
BS EN 12811-1  &  TG20;05 – Guide to Good Practice for Scaffolding with Tubes & Fittings
BS 2482: 1981 – Specification for Timber Scaffold Boards
BS EN 39: 2001 – Loose Steel Tubes for Tube & Coupler Scaffolds

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommends that scaffold arrangements are reviewed regularly and that reviews take account of
factors which include, but are not limited to:

• Scaffolding design implementation;
• Arrangements for securing scaffolding to structures;
• Intended and actual loadings on scaffolds, including the impact of wind;
• The risk of direct impact by construction plant or vehicles;
• The frequency and thoroughness of scaffold inspection arrangements;
• Systems in place for the handover of new or adapted scaffolds;
• The training and competence of scaffold erectors;
• Tthe adequacy of the scaffold foundations; and
• The prevention of unauthorized modifications.

Safe Systems of Work

ABC Scaffolders are professionals who carry out a risk assessment before erecting any scaffolding. Based on the findings of an
assessment, a method statement may be completed, detailing erection and striking of the scaffold.

Any incomplete scaffold, where someone may fall or where an object could fall and injure someone, will be clearly identified with warning signs and access restricted by suitable physical measures to prevent unauthorized access.